Was I Really That Fat?

I guess it is a mixed blessing when people notice that you have lost weight. At first, it is nice that people notice when you’ve been working out and eating right. It is usually your first external validation that things are starting to work. And, come on, be honest. It puts a smile on your face, doesn’t it? But, the more that it continues, with each old friend that you run into, the more your smile starts to fade. It shouldn’t. But, it does. And, at least for me, it was because I started wondering; “Just exactly how fat was I?

It is either a blessing or a curse, but I don’t put on weight in one obvious location on my body. Some guys put weight on directly in their stomachs. So, they can look somewhat fit from certain angles, but they get that protruding “gut” and it should be a pretty strong clue for those guys that they need to do something. But, that didn’t really happen with me. It just seems that slowly over the years, I started becoming more “solid”, which is code for “chunky”. I look at my photos from a couple of years ago and I guess that it does show in the fullness of my face. But, it was so gradual that I did not hear alarm bells ringing. It crept up on me. Fat Me can be so very tricky.

Now, as the comments continue, some have taken on a new tone. People say things like; “Wow, you must still be working out, huh?” or “You’ve been keeping it up, I see. What exactly are you doing now?” or “I couldn’t keep starving myself like that”. In some strange and twisted sense, I think a lot of us like to see people fail. Fail to lose weight. Fail to leave a job that they hate. Fail to finish writing that book they said they would write someday. It makes us feel a little bit better about our failures. We can say; “See? They couldn’t keep it up either.”

Sorry folks, but you have to stop doing that. That’s why I say stop comparing yourself to others and focus on the progress you are making. Don’t give into the Fat Me temptation of “misery loves company.” It may briefly feel good to sit around with everyone and wallow in the shared excuses of why you can’t keep weight off, why you can’t keep up the exercise, blah blah blah. But, it feels good forever to actually succeed, to actually keep making progress. You look better, you feel better, you feel proud. Is it hard to keep pushing forward every day? Of course it is. But, nothing beats physically feeling good! I’m telling you, it just feels good.

So, keep at it and just keep smiling and saying “Thank you” the next time someone congratulates you on your new fit body. Fat Me may have owned you before. But now you’ve kicked him out of your house and changed the locks. Repeat after me until you believe it:

There is no going back
There is no going back
There is no going back

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