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Update on My Preferred Whey Protein Powder

I’ve been using a whey protein isolate for the last 4 years as part of my post-workout recovery. Real food is best. But, protein powder is convenient and it’s absorbed pretty quickly by the body. So, I drink it right after my training session while I’m making coffee and breakfast. I’ve tried a lot of different types over the years; always trying to find a more pure source without any added crap. I don’t want any flavorings, or sugars, or artificial ingredients. It’s not easy to find! But, here are four different brands that I’ve used, which offer a decent product. They vary in purity of ingredients and price per oz. Unfortunately, two of them do add lecithin to make the powder easier to mix. But, that is the only added ingredient. The one from SFH and the raw organic powder are the purest; meaning no added soy lecithin.

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