The First Step for the Last Time

I know that sounds a bit cryptic; “The First Step for the Last Time.” But, let me explain what I mean by that. Many people have taken the step to try a new diet or a new exercise routine. But, so many of us fail time and again to maintain that new diet or keep up the exercise. So over the years of our adult lives we take that first step again and again and again. But, you never reach the necessary second step and third step and so on, which are necessary to make a lifelong sustainable change in lifestyle.

I know because I’ve been there too. I’ve lost weight and put weight back on over and over again during the past 20 years of my life. I bought books. I bought exercise tapes and DVDs. I tried gyms. I bought equipment. Nothing “stuck”. And, like so many people do, I blamed the diet. I blamed the exercise program. They didn’t “work”. But, maybe the next one would… What I finally discovered was the true root cause of this failure and it was totally under my control. It was my own motivation to change. It was changing my psychological approach to the problem and understanding and accepting that this wasn’t a matter of “getting back into shape.” It wasn’t something I could do for awhile to reach a goal and then relax. It was accepting that to truly maintain lifelong fitness, I had to permanently make lifestyle changes. That was hard. But, it was necessary. It is absolutely necessary for any of you that are facing your own mortal enemy: Fat Me.

Fat Me may seem like a fun guy, relaxing on the couch at night and eating comforting foods. But, Fat Me will kill you with that lifestyle. So, to take that first step for the last time, you need to get angry enough to want Fat Me out of your life. You need to realize that you truly have no choice but to seek a better lifestyle, to strive for fitness, and to eat well. You need to take that step forward and not accept failure. Kill Fat Me is here to help you take that step and we’ll share the secrets that will help you maintain the motivation to sustain lifelong change.

Photo of meSo, have you reached a point in your life where you know that you need to do this? For me, when I hit 200 lbs in November 2008, that was a tipping point. That was the breaking point. There was something symbolic about 200 that stopped me cold and made me say “enough”. I started tracking my weight on that day and I started my plan to eat better and begin a steady and consistent exercise routine. I will share my secrets in future blog posts and in the book that I’m writing, but I can tell you this: It does work. You can see in the chart and data below that not only did I improve my fitness, weight, and health; I have sustained it for almost 2 years. I have never accomplished this before in my life. I finally discovered the secret to achieving this at the age of 42. I lost over 35 pounds and Iā€™m now faster and stronger than when I was 25 years old. Seriously. This approach to lifelong and sustainable weight loss, fitness, and health works. I’m far from done, since this is now a permanent lifestyle change. But as you can see in the photo here, I’ve made progress from the soft 200 lb guy that I was before.

Weight Loss Chart 2008-2010

I’m sharing my weight loss because I know that is something that so many people care about. And, yes, it is often a sign of improving fitness when you know you are overweight. But, your focus should not be on weight loss as the end goal, for a number of reasons. So, I also tracked my vital measurements of resting heart rate and blood pressure to see if they had improved with my improved eating and exercise program. And, indeed they have.

  Starting Nov 2008 Current Oct 2010
Weight 200 lbs 164 lbs
Resting heart rate 72 beats/minute 50 beats/minute
Blood pressure 118/90 102/64

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    I’m loving your blog !! just stumbled across this today, i will read this everyday for motivation!

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