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Killed it Today in my CrossFit Workout for Friday

Photo of Lady Doing CrossFit Wall BallThere are very few things that have the motivational impact of progress. Today in my CrossFit workout I felt stronger and faster than I have in awhile and boy does that feel good! A nice affirmation for choosing this new fitness lifestyle. Pace yourself, stay committed, be consistent, and you will see progress. That progress will drive you on and keep you going! It is probably too early to really attribute this to the Paleo diet that I’ve been following, since I only started it this week. But, I do think that cutting out sugars and simple carbohydrates (e.g., bread) has already made me feel better and improved my energy levels. Simple carbs give you a spike of energy, but it drops off fast and you crash.

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CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) for Friday

Great workout day! For some reason, I felt really great and full of energy. So, I kicked it on the conditioning today! Warmup: Quick jog Pull-ups GHD sit-ups (see video below) Stretches Mobility and Stretching: Shoulders and Hips Conditioning: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 rounds of Wall Balls, Pull-ups, and Burpees So: 10 Wall Balls, 10 Pull-ups, and 10…

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