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Anger, Arousal, Testosterone & Weightlifting

Wow, I just read a great article on this topic, but it was so NSFW that I may not reshare it. The basic premise is sound and I’ve read other supporting research on the topic. Basically, there are a number of things that elevate testosterone production, help you lift heavier, feel less pain, and grow more muscle (for both men AND women). The simple act of squeezing the barbell really, really hard; angry music; cursing; sexual imagery; violent imagery; etc. all seem to have an effect.

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Don't Let an Injury Derail Your Exercise Plan

Slow and steady wins the race. Right? But, how many times have you become impatient and rushed things to try to achieve faster progress? I know that I have. Or, maybe you yielded to your competitive spirit and refused to be slower or weaker than the other guy (even though he or she was younger…

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