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Women and CrossFit – Time to Kill the Weightlifting Myths

Photo of CrossFit WomanI read this great article yesterday titled “Dispelling some myths: Women in Crossfit“, so I thought it was a great topic to share. There are just too many misconceptions and poor role models for women who want to be fit. It isn’t about becoming “skinny” and looking like some supermodel who pretends to be a fitness expert. I won’t name any names. It is about being healthy, strong, and achieving a level of fitness that is right for you and sustainable for your lifestyle. It’s one of the reasons that I love CrossFit.

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Was I Really That Fat?

I guess it is a mixed blessing when people notice that you have lost weight. At first, it is nice that people notice when you’ve been working out and eating right. It is usually your first external validation that things are starting to work. And, come on, be honest. It puts a smile on your…

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