Do the dead lift? Why yes, they do.

The Dead Lift, green tank top

Having some fun making t-shirts lately. I was inspired by a strange thought that I had about the deadlift the other day, and the Fall weather also put me in a Halloween mood. So, check out my latest creations on my Zazzle store. The Lifting Dead T Shirt by killfatme Get the best in t…

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Great Training Program Videos for 4 Critical Lifts

I just discovered the “6 Weeks to Superhero” series from T Nation and have really been enjoying them. It features Christian Thibaudeau, who is actually a bodybuilding coach. But, I think some of the lifting tips and training exercises would also work well for someone who just wants to get stronger and better that these 4 critical lifts:

Bench Press
Overhead Press

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Deadlift Tips

woman doing deadliftI love the Deadlift, but many fear it and think they will hurt their back. With a tight focus on good form, proper technique through the entire lift (both up and down), and a consistent approach; you really have nothing to fear and a lot to gain. The Deadlift and the Squat are two of the best lifts for activating muscle growth throughout your entire body. Well worth learning how to do them well.

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