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Primal Carrot Halwa Recipe

If you love the Indian dessert dish carrot halwa, but have been missing it to avoid dairy, then try this recipe. It is delicious! Ingredients: 6 cups shredded carrots 3/4 cup water 2 cans whole coconut milk 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp crushed cardamon 3 TB raw honey 3 TB coconut manna Garnish of slivered…

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Paleo Recipe for Mango Coconut Milk Pudding

MangoI was playing around with some mangos a few days ago and made this Paleo recipe for Mango Coconut Milk Pudding. I love mangos, but they are a pain to peel and slice up due to the pit inside. So this isn’t a super fast recipe, unless you’re much better at dicing than I am (and you probably are). Enjoy!

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