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Squatting every day

I’m in my 4th cycle of the Cube Method. So far, I’ve had gains and PRs each cycle. But, my gains on Deadlift and Bench have been greater than my Squat. My squat has always given me trouble. Maybe I overthink it, I don’t k now. So, I’m trying something new this cycle: Squatting every day.

I keep remembering something John Broz said:

“If your family was captured and you were told you needed to put 100 pounds onto your max squat within two months or your family would be executed, would you squat once per week? Something tells me that you’d start squatting every day. Other countries have this mindset. America does not.”

– John Broz

More from Broz here.

Now, there is certainly some controversy around this. Not everyone agrees with maxing out every day. I’m actually not maxing out on my squats every day. I have one day each week for my dedicated Squat session. But, I use some moderately heavy Squat sets to warm up every other day for my Bench session, my Deadlift session, etc. What I’m finding is that it is helping me establish the most efficient and effective Squat motor patterns for me. In the past, when I did Crossfit, I never had the luxury of time to play around with my Squat technique and spend time feeling the best foot position, bar position, etc. when I’m in the hole, driving up, and so on. Now that I train at home in my own gym, I do. My squat is feeling more and more natural, and I’m more intuitively feeling the form that makes me strongest. Practice, practice, practice.

If your Squat is not where you want it to be, boost your volume. Squat every day, with great form and technique, to learn what your body needs. Learn how it performs best.

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