Paleo Challenge and CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) for Tuesday

Photo of Guy Pushing the ProwlerWe broke the Prowler out again today at CrossFit. Boy oh boy, does that thing work my glutes and hamstrings! The Brazil Butt Lift Workout
has nothing on the Prowler.

Big news is that I start a 90-day CrossFit Paleo Challenge tomorrow! See Robb Wolf’s post for an example of the rules that you have to follow. He also has a great FAQ on what the Paleo diet is all about. To sum it up, eating Paleo means:

  • Lean proteins such as grass-fed meat (ideally), free range fowl, and wild-caught fish
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil
  • NO grains, sugars, or dairy products. None. Nada. Zilch.

You actually end up eating a lot! It’s just that you are eating really healthy foods instead of wasting your time with junk carbs, sugars, and bad fats. I’m still amazed by how much I eat now and can’t gain a pound, because I’m working out much harder with CrossFit and eating healthier foods. Traditional diets where you restrict your intake seem even more ridiculous once you discover this way of living.

For our contest, we are focusing on the most dramatic body transformation by the end of the 90 day period. But, it is not about weight loss. Some of us really have no weight to lose! It is about fat loss, muscle growth, and definition. So, we will be taking before and after photos (wearing very little) and taking measurements (e.g., our biceps, chest, waist, legs, etc.). Based on where I am today, I actually hope to gain some pounds of muscle. Wish me luck!


  • Stretches
  • More focused mobility work on the hips
  • 200 M jog with stops to mix in squats, mountain climbers, jump squats, “frankenstein”, “spiderman”, etc.


5 rounds with no time limit, but went right into the Overhead Squats after each Prowler push.

  • 60 yard Prowler push, mixing it up with both high and low pushes
  • 15 Overhead Squats (shared a video on this post)
  • Repeat


5.3.1 Military Press today was week 3 of the cycle, so it was max weight. I’m finally seeing some gains with this lift. Took longer than I expected.

Cool Down & Recovery

  • A few knees-to-elbows and a few pull-ups
  • Light stretching
  • Finished up with a protein drink
  • Did quite a bit of the foam roller today. I’m a bit sore from the dead lift yesterday and feeling the effects of all of the shoulder work this morning. A hot epsom salt bath helped as well.

Video of a SWAT team training with the Prowler

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