I finally realized that I was more important than my car

2013 Lamborghini MurcielagoI know that statement sounds a bit weird. But, it’s true. Before I began this health journey, I remember a time when I babied my car a helluva lot more than I took care of my own body. I only took my car to hand-washed car washes. I was so careful about the service schedule and the type of oil that I used. I never risked putting cheap, bad gas in the tank.

Yet, I did hardly anything to maintain my own health. I didn’t really work out at all, except for the occasional hike or walk. I ate what was fast and easy, especially at work. I never had time for lunch, so I would grab whatever was easiest to eat on the run as I walked between meetings. I took on more and more stress with a high-pressure job. No surprise that I ballooned up to thehighest and unhealthiest weight in my whole life.

Thankfully, it finally hit me that I had to do something to take care of myself before something really bad happened to me. I finally realized that I had to maintain my body with even more diligence than any possession. It seems friggin ridiculous now when I look back. I took better care of my stupid possessions than I did of the most valuable thing any of us have: Our one and only body. You can’t trade it in for a new one. Modern medical science is pretty amazing, but don’t fool yourself. They can keep you alive with surgery, pacemakers, and a lifetime supply of medications. But, nothing will ever work better or feel better than your original body in a healthy condition.

So, now I have twisted all of that around and I put that type of care and attention to detail into how I fuel my body and how I maintain my body with a regular training schedule. I train with intensity, instead of just going through the motions. I eat intentionally, instead of mindlessly. And, thanks to this new focus, I’ve been rewarded with another chance at having good health and a body that feels like new.

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