I Completed the Paleo Challenge!

Well, today was the last day of my Paleo Challenge. So we took photos and measurements in CrossFit this morning. We won’t know who the winners are until next week. But, I wanted to do a quick post and share my after photo. The Paleo diet helped me bring out more definition. I lost about 4 pounds that I just couldn’t seem to gain back, but maybe that’s ok.

I do plan on sticking with the primary Paleo plan. Why? Because I feel so much better! I already knew that dairy wasn’t my friend and had mostly cut it out of my diet for years. Now I know that wheat isn’t my friend either. My stomach feels so much better now after meals. Can’t believe I put up with that my whole life. My joints no longer ache, which they have for decades, and my skin is completely clear. That has been another surprising benefit of removing dairy, sugars, and grains. My waist size before the challenge was 32 and now it is below 28. And in the last 2 months I actually added 2 inches to my biceps. All good stuff!


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