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How to Prepare for Your First CrossFit Session

This is a followup from a previous post that I wrote: So you want to try CrossFit? Check that out for a few tips and links to useful resources. You will see examples of the workouts (WODs), which gives you an idea of the types of exercises and lifts you will be doing. But, this post is focused more on how to be prepared for that first week at your new CrossFit box. What to wear, what to bring, how to behave, and rules of etiquette that will keep you from annoying your fellow CrossFitters. Everyone is the new guy or girl at some point, and no one expects you to be an immediate pro. But, there are some things that you can do to be prepared and to not make some obvious mistakes.

Familiarize yourself with the lingo (e.g., names of lifts, exercises, weightlifting terms, CrossFit terms), so that you know what people are talking about once you are there. Read up and watch videos on the techniques for the exercises and lifts. Since CrossFit mixes stuff like running, jumping, climbing, lifting, etc., you may want to have 2 different types of shoes ready: One for lifting and one for the WOD if you are going to be running, jumping, etc. I wear Oly shoes for lifting, but any flat shoes that doesn’t have a ton of cushioning will work (e.g., cheap Chuck Taylors, barefoot shoes, etc.). So I always have a pair of shoes that I lift in and another pair that I feel comfortable running in. Bring a water bottle.

Finally, here are some rules of etiquette:

You are much stronger than you think you are

You are more capable than you know

You’ll find out!

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