Getting Up Every Day to Do It

I usually do a CrossFit workout in a 7 AM class. Today I had a conflict, so I had to go to the 9 AM class. Even after almost a year of being on this journey, Fat Me is still around and was whispering in my ear as I lay in bed; “You already slept in another hour. You don’t know the people in the 9 AM class. It’s going to suck. Don’t go. Just make it up some other time.”

Fat Me is a liar. I have fallen for the “make it up later” trick too many times in my life. When later comes, you don’t want to. It’s inconvenient. So much time passes that you might as well skip it, because the next day and workout is rolling around anyway. But, you and I both know that you will not make it up. Be honest. 

So, I sat up in bed and whispered “Shut up” inside my head. One thing that helps is that I have a full length mirror in the bedroom (keep your dirty thoughts to yourself). In the beginning, that mirror was motivation to change. I saw myself in all my chunky glory every morning and renewed my vow to change what I saw. Now that I have made good progress over the last few months, I’m starting to feel happy with the way I’m looking. Now the mirror motivates me to not back slide. I don’t want to lose my progress. I like how far I’ve come and I want to keep moving forward. How dare Fat Me try to take that away from me? Always, always keep moving forward.  

So, I get that anger at Fat Me burning again, use that mirror to remind me, and crawl out of bed. And, you know what? I’m always glad that I did. I always feel good after that workout and I’m glad that I didn’t sleep in. You are going to find that out too. Just get up and get going!

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