Getting fit isn't rocket science. But it isn't "easy" either.

Diet coke junk food obesityI was reading a good post today that inspired me to say a few words on the subject of fitness and weight loss. I am continually amazed at all of the misconceptions, misinformation, and old-fashioned BS advice that keeps floating around regarding how to lose weight, get fit, and be healthy. There is no magic pill or drink, there is no magical exercise, there is no way to lose weight and be fit while continuing to eat crappy food. Sorry, if you’ve been told that and you believe it, you’ve been lied to (again) and you’re fooling yourself.

On the flip side, if you are already eating healthy, but you refuse to get serious about exercise, you won’t really be fit and healthy either. You may look “skinny”, but you won’t be strong or healthy. And I promise you that your body will eventually pay the price.

Like I said, it isn’t rocket science. If you sat down and had a really deep session of thinking about how our bodies work, why they work the way they do, and were completely honest with yourself; you would come to the same conclusion. To be an optimal physical organism (i.e., fit and healthy), you have to fuel your body with the real food it was built to run on and you need to use that body the way it was meant to be used.

I sometimes use the sports car analogy. If you take the most amazing sports car and put crappy fuel in it, it will run poorly and eventually break down. If you put great fuel in the sports car but you leave it parked in the garage and never drive it, it will eventually break down as well.

You may not like the truth. You may not want to hear the answer. But, the reality is that you need both great food (i.e., stop eating crap) and great exercise (e.g., strength training + high-intensity interval training) to have great health and a great body. It requires a permanent lifestyle change. No shortcuts. No quick diet. No magic pill. A consistent, smart lifestyle. So, either you choose to do this and achieve success or you choose not to change and remain unhealthy and/or unhappy with your body. It is simple. It is not easy.I know that. I made the choice myself and know that every day is filled with making the difficult, but correct, choices. Wake up early and exercise. Eat the healthy food and say no to the crap. If it was easy, everyone would be in shape. But, what you cannot do is complain about it, if you refuse to accept the answer.

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