CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) for Tuesday

I am going to start sharing what I do for my CrossFit workouts (WODs) each week. This will give you a better sense of what CrossFit is and how the program mixes things up to keep working different parts of your body to achieve overall fitness and balanced strength.

The workout changes day by day and week by week for a number of reasons:

  1. One reason is to avoid boredom, plain and simple. The variety just makes it more interesting and, dare I say, fun?
  2. Another reason is to avoid overtraining one muscle group and give your muscles time to recover, heal and grow (e.g., focus on arms one day, legs the next).
  3. Finally, the program evolves with you as you get stronger. You complete workouts faster, do more reps, and are able to lift heavier weight. So, basically, you keep challenging yourself and pushing to new levels of fitness.

Today’s CrossFit workout

Warmup and stretches
The usual, but we also did some stretches from the always useful Mobility WOD site. The ones we did today help increase shoulder flexibility.

1 round for time (in other words, complete it as fast as possible). A descending sequence of reps of Thrusters and Double-unders (DUs)

10 Thrusters, then 10 DUs
8 Thrusters, then 8 DUs
6 Thrusters, then 6 DUs
4 Thrusters, then 4 DUs
2 Thrusters, then 2 DUs to finish

I still need to master Double-unders! I am soooo close now. I can reliably do them every other jump and I’m now able to string 7 or so in a row together. With practice I will get there.

Strength Training
Military Press – Week 4 deload. FYI, a “deload” week basically means you take a break from the intense weightlifting training. Instead, you lift lighter weights and focus on flexibility, recovery, conditioning, etc. You are giving your body a chance to regenerate and become stronger for the next 3 week cycle of strength training.

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