Celebrating 2 Years of a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Change

It was a little over 2 years ago (Jan 2009) that I committed to a lifestyle change. I began making wiser food choices and walking and running again. About 1 year ago, I started P90X and finished it. Then about 6 months ago, I started CrossFit. 7 weeks ago I began the Paleo Challenge. Basically, I have continued a progression of challenging myself more and more. Achieve a goal, reach a level of fitness, and then set my eyes on the next goal.

Well, it certainly works. I started at over 200 lbs and today I am at 161 lbs. My waist size was 36 and, as of today, it is 28. And it isn’t about being “skinny”. I didn’t diet or starve myself to drop weight. I added more cardio and strength training, plus changing my diet to actually eat more. More protein and more veggies in particular. Removing sugars, dairy, and grains (Paleo Challenge).

Like I said, it isn’t about losing weight really. It is about changing my body composition. Right now I am working hard to put on muscle and eat MORE (of the right food). I’m actually struggling to put weight on (ironically). I feel like I’m constantly eating and I’m eating much larger meals than before, yet I can’t gain pounds. I’ve read that putting on serious muscle means that you need to work as hard at eating as you do at lifting. So true.

I guess what I wanted to share was this revelation. You don’t need to deprive yourself and feel like you’re starving to get fit. You don’t need to work out for hours and hours on end. For a long time now, I have only been working out for 4 hours per week. But, when I work out, I work out with intensity! If you eat intentionally and exercise intelligently, you will be able to eat a lot more than you would ever expect.

I know it seems like a mystery and so many are offering magical devices, new diets, and the latest fat-burning secrets. But, fitness isn’t a mystery at all.

Work hard
Eat smart
And, like magic, you will look and feel great!

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