Banana and Chocolate – A Delicious and Decadent, yet Healthy Treat

bananasI made a chocolate banana snack today that tastes like you’re having a decadent treat, but it is all-natural and sugar-free. Here is the rough recipe:

  • 3 TB of pure almond butter (made only with 100% almonds, no sugar or any other fake garbage ingredients)
  • 1 TB 100% pure dark cocoa powder (again, no sugar or or any other ingredients)
  • 1 TB unsweetened shredded coconut (pure shredded coconut is harder to find, but worth it)
  • Slice up one banana and gently mix into the chocolatey goodness

It is naturally sweet and has that awesome chocolate + coconut taste. Warning: It is pretty rich and I bet you can’t eat it all. Share it with a special friend. They’ll love it!

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