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Back in the CrossFit and Paleo Saddle Again

Chocolate French pastriesI apologize for not posting in a while. I was traveling in Europe and playing a bit of catch up over the past week. The business trip and my stay in a very small, somewhat authentic, Parisian hotel made it a bit too challenging to keep up with any CrossFit travel WODs (one of my favorite hotel travel WODs). But, despite a week of French food and no high-intensity exercise (although I did walk for about 10 hours each day!), I only gained about a pound and getting back into the swing of things at CrossFit last Monday wasn’t too painful. It wasn’t easy! But, it wasn’t as bad as I feared it might be.

Getting back on the Paleo Challenge diet wasn’t as hard as I feared it would be either, after eating wonderful French food for a week. I just don’t crave simple carbs the way I used to. And, when you can eat all that you want of proteins (e.g., grass-fed beef, chicken, fish), veggies and fruit; you are stuffed most of the time. I actually get tired of eating! I really do. I have to make an effort to keep my caloric intake up to make sure I’m putting on muscle.



3 Rounds for time (21/15/9):

I’m pretty happy about today’s WOD. I did the same Conditioning WOD about 3 months ago and today I completed it almost 3 minutes faster. Nice!


5.3.1 Dead Lift today was week 2 of the cycle

Cool Down & Recovery

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