Are You a Parent or Do You Plan to Be?

Have you ever struggled with your weight, health, or fitness at any point in your life? If you are a parent (or plan to be one) or a teacher or anyone who has a chance to positively influence a child’s life, what are you doing right now to put them on a lifelong path of good fitness and health?

I see something sad all the time now: Increasingly obese children at increasingly younger ages. I’m sorry, but that is inexcusable and it’s a sign of poor parenting. The legacy of poor health and obesity is being passed on to the next generation with poor eating habits (e.g., fast food) and poor exercise habits (e.g., too much time in front of the TV, game console, or computer).

I know a lot of people apparently don’t really give a damn about their health and fitness. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in the situation today in the U.S. with 1/3 of Americans labeled as “Obese”. They should care enough to really make sustainable lifestyle changes, but they don’t. BUT, they should NOT pass on that legacy of obesity to their children.

We all want our children to be happy, healthy, and successful in life. So, no matter what you are doing to your own health, you at least owe your children a better start down the right path of health and fitness. Feed them well and cut out the damn Happy Meals. Get them into sports and/or a fitness program. Get them off the couch and away from the damn computer and/or gaming screen.

Do it now.
Do it out of love.


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